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The Militaria Story website was created after long time collecting and with passion to equipment of WWII soldiers. Our main object of interest are German caps and uniforms from 1933 - 1945. That reason took us to start our studies in this subject. On our website we offer original items, carefully inspected based on our long time experience and knowledge. We are mainly judge items because of the experience. We saw hundreds of items and saw many fakes. We try to offer our buyers best artifacts without any risk. That is why we serve 10 photos of the most important spots in every single item we are listing on the website.

Our website was created only for collectors and enthusiasts. We do not propagate any of sinister systems and we are standing straight away from that. We do not propagate Nazi system or any other. Symbols have here only collector's character!

We are happy to wish you all Happy Collecting!
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