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Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK

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Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK

Waffen SS AJACK sniper scope to KAR98. 28cm long, made out of steel. The range, elevation dial has an impressed directional arrow and the range numerals of "1" and "3". indicating the effective ranges from 100 to 300 meters. The elevation adjustment dial has a locking screw at the forward edge. Nicely "SS" and "AJACK" marked. Great piece.

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Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK
Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK
Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK
Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK
Waffen SS Dienstglas KAR98 Scope AJACK

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